How can I apply for an advertised vacancy?

When any vacancy is announced at PASHA Holding, firstly, it is posted on a number of internet resources, including the website of PASHA Holding LLC. The rules for appeal are usually mentioned in the announcement.

Which way to send my CV is more expedient?

As a rule, the CVs received via online application form have priority during the review process.

How can I find out my CV reached the address?

Relevant notice will appear after filling and confirming online application form by an applicant.

How selection is made among the candidates applying for an announced vacancy?

After the vacancy announcement, at the initial stage of the recruitment process, the Human Resources representative will review the applications received and invite the candidates, whose knowledge and skills are more relevant to the requirements stated in the vacancy announcement.

How many stages does the selection process consist of?

PASHA Holding's recruitment process usually consists of several stages. These stages include an initial selection of CVs, a test stage (checking of technical and theoretical and / or IQ level, psychometric tests, etc.), initial panel interview stage, and interview with the Company's Director and HR Director / Manager.

How to get salary information for an existing vacancy?

PASHA Holding considers a salary range for each position. All salary-related discussions can only be conducted during the second interview stage and may not be higher than the maximum amount determined for the current vacancy being related to the candidate's knowledge and skills.

What qualities should applying candidates have first of all?

Information about required qualities reflects quality of the person most relevant to the position and compliance with the PASHA Holding team. Candidates applying to PASHA Holding must have the following competencies before professional qualifications:

  • Acts in accordance with what is said and values of the opposite side;

  • Coordinates his/her behavior with PASHA Holding’s needs, priorities and targets;

  • Has personal will and meets standard of excellence or tries to exceed it as well as pays attention to get effective results;

  • Works with colleagues purposefully to achieve shared goals and encourages mutual cooperation;

  • Understands needs of internal and external customers and acts as a reliable business partner by creating long-term sustainable relations.

How does a candidate taking part at any stage of recruitment process get information on passing to the next stage?

Candidates who have been selected from the initial selection stage of the CVs and invited to the next stage will be contacted by phone. Date and time of the next stage will be appointed.

Candidates failing at any stage will be informed via e-mail within 7 business days.