“PASHA Technology” Limited Liability Company (PASHA Technology) was established in 2018 as an IT Service Provider.

The vision of PASHA Technology is to provide IT services, cloud computing, cyber security operations and data center management services for subsidiaries of PASHA Holding LLC.

The following are the main focus areas for PASHA Technology:

  • Design, build and get certified by Uptime Institute Tier-III Main Data Center and DRS for PASHA Holding subsidiaries
  • Offer end-to-end infrastructure and end-user services for PASHA Group
  • Bring out Group synergies through significantly standardizing requirements while increasing quality, resilience and business continuity
  • Develop long-term IT technical sourcing strategy
  • In-house expertise and knowledge in a form of human capital
  • Transform into the preferred and trusted IT services company in Azerbaijan in the long-term