Founded in 1874 as Azerbaijan Savings Bank, “Kapital Bank” Open Joint Stock Company (Kapital Bank or Kapital Bank OJSC) is one of Azerbaijan’s largest banks.

99.87% of shares of Kapital Bank OJSC belong to PASHA Holding LLC and 0.13% of its shares belong to private shareholders. The Bank’s share capital is represented by ordinary (fully-paid) shares with the total amount of AZN 185 million and non-redeemable, non-cumulative preference shares with the total amount of AZN 40 million.

Kapital Bank, having the biggest branch network in Azerbaijan, is at the service of customers with 101 branches and 15 service centres as of May 2020. Kapital Bank, which offers a wide range of banking services, serves over 3 million individuals and 22 thousand legal entities. At the same time, Kapital Bank participates in a number of social programs implemented by the government and realizes several programs for the development of the real economy.

Kapital Bank has one of the highest international ratings among privately owned local banks.


  • “b1”

    Baseline Credit Assessment

  • “Ba3”

    Long-term Bank Deposit

  • “Ba2”

    Long-term Counterparty Risk Ratings

  • “Negative”



  • “BB-/B”

    Long-term Rating for Loans

  • “BB-/B”

    Short-term Rating for Loans

  • “Positive”