The Company was established at the end of 2010 on the basis of PASHA Insurance. The authorized capital stock makes 40.25 million AZN. The Company operates in line with the requirements of the Azerbaijan Republic's Law "On Insurance Activities".

The Law envisages foundation of the specialized insurance companies particularly focused on insurance of life and by this promotes further development of insurance market in the republic. PASHA Life offers the wide-range insurance services and among them are the following: mandatory insurance of life, which is implemented in accordance with the Law "On mandatory insurance of persons, disabled due to accidents occurred at enterprises or as a result of professional diseases". This insurance program includes remunerations to those who suffered damage in line with the aforesaid.

The next program is voluntary and linked to those who get credits to initiate business, to buy a car, or to receive mortgage. All people at the age of 18 through 65 can join this program and shield themselves in case of accidents and diseases.PASHA Life also recommends VIP life insurance. There are focal persons in every company, sudden death or disease of which may result in great loss for business. In case of disease VIP businessmen and companies usually need time and means to recover or bridge the gap in dealing.
The Company offers the various schemes of insurance, including insurance of life and case of death through the term of the insurance agreement.